Former Maple Leaf Player Shares His Personal Babcock Picture Experience

Published September 13, 2023 at 2:04 PM
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With the major controversy breaking yesterday surrounding Babcock's questionable actions in forcing players to show him their camera roll, this former Leaf shared his experience with Babcock doing something similar.

Kadri Opens Up

As the news was circulating about the incident, Nazem Kadri was asked yesterday about the situation and if he'd experienced anything similar.

Asked Nazem Kadri about the Babcock situation. Kadri said when he was with the #Leafs he'd "showed [Babcock] a few pictures, but I think it was pretty innocent."

Kadri played with Babcock during his tenure as Leafs head coach. It's not the first time Babcocks been questioned regarding his actions, as he was fired from the Leafs in 2019 after allegations of a questionable power dynamic between him and his players.

Columbus Spin

The Blue Jackets are denying the way that this picture scandal has been presented. In the statement yesterday, Babcock stated that he was only trying to get to know his players by asking them to share a photo of their family.

However, Spittin Chicklets, the podcast that broke the story, says this is all a blatant lie, and that he has pulled similar antics in other places. They went as far as saying that Babcock will force players to airplay their phone's screens on the TV and show the pictures on their camera roll to him.

"Enough with putting guys on the spot in the coaches room asking them to link their phones up to airplay mode and grilling them. I've had tons of players confirm it." - Paul Bissonnette

Time will tell how long Babcock remains in Columbus, but it is clear that he is already on thin ice.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Nazem Kadri shares own experience with Mike Babcock looking through his pictures"
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Former Maple Leaf Player Shares His Personal Babcock Picture Experience

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