Former Coach Calls Matt Petgrave a Dirty and Reckless Player

Published November 16, 2023 at 8h18
Since the tragedy involving Adam Johnson, who died after taking a skate blade to the neck during a game near the end of October, many have jumped to the defense of the player who's skate was responsible for the injury. One of Matt Petgrave's former coaches is taking a completely different stance.

Petgrave's Former Coach Calls him Dirty and Reckless

Elmo Aittola was an assistant coach with HK Spisska Nova Ves of the Slovak Extraliga, where Petgrave played 34 games in 2021-22. Aittola has very little time for Petgrave.

"I coached Matt for a very short stint. I wanted to get rid of him immediately."

"I had a very negative impression of him. He has no respect for himself or his opponents."

"He used to get into a bit of a mess. He is a very dirty player."


Former Coach Pegs Matt Petgrave as a Dirty Player

Aittola insisted he doesn't think Petgrave intentionally tried to kill or hurt Johnson.

"But if there's a player I'm willing to believe could use a skate to stop an opponent, I believe Matt Petgrave could do it. He's an extremely reckless player."

Even a few of Johnson's former teammates have said what happened was a complete accident and Petgrave had no intent on the play. Petgrave was arrested on suspension of manslaughter by police in the U.K. He has been released on bail. So far, no charges have been laid.

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Former Coach Calls Matt Petgrave a Dirty and Reckless Player

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