Experts Predict Imminent Trade of Three Key NHL Defensemen

Published September 16, 2023 at 10h30
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Experts have predicted the trades of three different defensemen for the upcoming season.

Three Defensemen To Be Traded

In a recent article for The Athletic, team reporters listed who they believed would be getting traded away from their teams.

While there were the expected big names like Elias Lindholm and Mark Scheifele, there were three under-the-radar defensemen being listed as their teams' top trade candidates.

1. Alec Martinez


From the Golden Knights, reporter Jesse Granger revealed that he believed the Vegas Knights are most likely to trade Alec Martinez for the upcoming season.

"If I have to pick someone who could be moved, though, it would be Martinez, because he's 36 and on an expiring contract with a sizable cap hit." - Jesse Granger

Granger believes that the Knights will not make any true subtractions but if they were to move somebody, the 36-year-old on an expensive expiring contract would be the first to get moved out to bring in somebody better.

2. Conor Timmins


From the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jonas Siegel believes that the Leafs would move Conor Timmins.

"It's possible, maybe even likely, that he won't have a regular role on the defense this season, and while he might be a helpful piece for the future, maybe the Leafs and their current GM (Brad Treliving) decide to find him more opportunity elsewhere." - Jonas Siegel

Timmins comes in on a contract of just over $1 million for one more year and could have difficulty making the Leafs' loaded blue line this season. If Timmins is moved, it is likely for a pick or prospect but he could certainly blossom with his next team.

3. Pierre-Oliver Joseph


Finally, Rob Rossi predicts that the Penguins are most likely to move Pierre-Oliver Joseph.

"It's not yet known how new management views Joseph, but looking at the roster, he could emerge as the most viable asset for general manager Kyle Dubas to dangle for a needed addition." - Rob Rossi

Joseph was originally a first-round pick of the Coyotes back in 2018 and is finally starting to find his footing in the NHL. At this point, Rossi believes that Kyle Dubas will use Joseph as trade bait in a larger deal to add a more needed piece for a potential playoff run.

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Experts Predict Imminent Trade of Three Key NHL Defensemen

If you were trading for one of these players, who would you target?

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