Evander Kane Trending Following Adam Johnson's Passing

Published November 1, 2023 at 11h09
The NHL has been undertaking a serious review of its equipment rules since the tragic passing of Adam Johnson, and Evander Kane's previous injury is trending because of it.

Tragedy Has Made the NHL Look in the Mirror Regarding Equipment Rules

Since the tragic passing of Adam Johnson, the NHL has been reviewing its equipment rules. NHL insider Pierre LeBrun discussed exactly what the NHL was considering regarding the changes during Insider Trading this past Tuesday night.

It should be no surprise that the NHL GM meetings that are coming up on November 14 in Toronto will feature that as a subject of discussion. It's also worth noting that NHL GMs and league hockey operations have talked about cut-resistant equipment for the past half-dozen GM meetings, dating back to the Evander Kane incident last year so this is an ongoing discussion.

LeBrun says that the NHL has been considering more protective equipment since Evander Kane's scary accident last season, which saw him rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after a skate lacerated his wrist.

LeBrun Thinks The NHL Is To Reactive and Not Proactive

Even if the NHL has been having these discussions already, LeBrun notes that these types of decisions are always reactive and not proactive in protecting players. What event will have to occur for the NHL to have to take real action on making an equipment ruling?

It's also a discussion that always seems to be reactive as opposed to looking ahead and one of those things I thought about today is we know there is cut-resistant technology today in equipment, but what about a one-piece suit like you see on a speed skater? I actually chatted with a league official today who said they've had conversations with a speed skating company where that's not a crazy thought. It's not on the table right now - the league has talked about only a top, which the league has signed off on, but I think it's the kind of conversation in the big picture that certainly we will continue to have here.

The idea of a one-piece suit would likely be a good route, especially if the technology exists for other high-level athletes like speed skaters already. Ultimately, any equipment decisions for player safety will need to be mandated by the NHL instead of recommended.

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Evander Kane Trending Following Adam Johnson's Passing

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