Evander Kane Emerges Victorious in his Bankruptcy Case

Published May 25, 2023 at 9:57 PM
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Evander Kane filed for bankruptcy after being millions in debt and with many wanting money from him, Kane appears to be able to walk away from all debts.

Kane Emerges Victorious in His Bankruptcy Case

Evander Kane has been dealing with court hearings regarding his bankruptcy for the past two years. Kane filed for bankruptcy after a gambling addiction had put him into major debt.

Kane's lawyer, Stephen Finestone, revealed the following information about the case.

"Evander is obviously pleased with the outcome and believes the decision vindicates his right to a financial fresh start through the bankruptcy process. A lot has been said in the press and the public about the allegations against him, but a trial in court has a way of bringing forward the facts."

"Now that the issue has been decided in Evander's favor, Ms. Parker can proceed with her attempt to prove that she has a claim that should not be discharged."

Ms. Parker is a former girlfriend of Kane's who is asking for $3 million because of abortions Kane asked her to have.

The Debt

This all started when Kane claimed to have $28 million in debts and only $10 million in assets. While this stems from a gambling addiction, we cannot blame Kane as much as others have. Addiction is an illness and Kane used this as vice for whatever was going on in his life at the time.

The Judge viewed it the same stating he believed Kane found retribution and freed Kane of his debts.
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Evander Kane Emerges Victorious in his Bankruptcy Case

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