Elliotte Friedman provides an update on William Nylander

Published September 15, 2023 at 12h10
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Until William Nylander signs an extension, he will always be the center of attention in Toronto, especially since Matthews has re-signed. Nylander is the last major remaining puzzle piece for the Leafs to figure out on their roster.

Contract Talks to Progress This Season

This morning on 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman discussed how he sees the Nylander contract talks going down, and how we can expect the Leafs to potentially utilize him this year.

"Will the Leafs try [nylander] again at center? I think that is something that has been discussed."

Friedman expects the contract situation to play out over the year. Using Nylander at centre could give the Leafs an extra option if Tavares isn't performing well.

Nylander at Centre

Nylander has been criticized in the past for his play at centre. Many cite his lack of defensive ability as a reason to keep him out of the position, and that his pure skating and goalscoring ability is better suited on the right wing.

Additionally, the Leafs added Max Domi this offseason, strengthening their depth down the middle of the ice. It certainly would be interesting to see Nylander at center, but it's not something the Leafs desperately need.

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Elliotte Friedman provides an update on William Nylander

Should the Leafs try Nylander out at centre?

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