Elliotte Friedman Calls Out Darryl Sutter for His Toxic Locker Room

Published January 23, 2023 at 3:52 PM
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It should have been the memory of a lifetime. When Jakob Pelletier played on NHL ice for the first time in his young career, he impressed many.

While he was held off the scoresheet in his seven minutes of ice time, he was omnipresent on the ice. He was very noticeable through and through, and made some fantastic plays.

This didn't seem to please head coach Darryl Sutter however, who is notably a very old-fashioned coach. He has genuine disdain for young players, and actively cuts off opportunities to players under six-feet.

In Sutter's post-game interview, he pretended to not even know who Pelletier was:

Now, voice of the NHL Elliotte Friedman has spoken on this event.

Elliotte Friedman on today's 32 Thoughts podcast basically insinuated that Sutter has been hard on the players all year and needs to "lighten up" because it has affected some of the players. Finally someone says it. #Flames 

Friedman has essentially implied that Sutter is making the locker room toxic with his mean-spirited tactics.

Some will say that players are just getting soft, but a punishing environment is not desirable to work in for anybody.

It's starting to seem that there may have been underlying reasons for Johnny Gaudreau leaving Calgary, as he fits the archetype of Sutter's least favorite type of player.

All we can wish now is that Pelletier's career is full of better moments, as his coach made an embarrassment of his NHL debut.
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Elliotte Friedman Calls Out Darryl Sutter for His Toxic Locker Room

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