Don Cherry Explains Why Kyle Dubas Was A Problem For Sheldon Keefe

Published September 4, 2023 at 1:12 PM
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With Sheldon Keefe extended for 2 more years with the Leafs, it appears he has the full faith under new GM Brad Treliving. While Keefe has had his fair share of success with the Leafs organization in the past, it will be interesting to see how he fares in this new Leafs era.

Keefe and Dubas

Keefe's relationship with former GM Kyle Dubas was interesting, with a long and storied history. However, on his recent podcast, Don Cherry offers some insight as to why he believes Dubas was limiting Keefe. In reference to putting in EBUG Jett Alexander, a nice moment for the U of T goalie, Cherry says the following.

"When he pointed up above, he's not calling the shots."

This brought a quick follow-up question about whether or not this would make the players lose respect for Keefe, knowing that Dubas is meddling in his decision-making, and Cherry responded with the following.

"They sure do. I believe that he will coach the way he likes to coach, this year"

New Style Keefe?

Don Cherry believes that Keefe will have much more freedom under Brad Treliving than Kyle Dubas. This could mean we see Keefe implement the lineup and play style that won him a championship with the Marlies.


Ultimately, it shows that Dubas had his hand in almost all aspects of decision-making, which can have some bad implications down the line, at least according to Cherry. Now, Keefe will be able to fully do his job, in his style, without being micromanaged from the top.

Credit: Don Cherry's Grapevine Podcast - "Tombstone. Keefe 2 more years. Q fighting ban. PWHL and more."

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Don Cherry Explains Why Kyle Dubas Was A Problem For Sheldon Keefe

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