Daniel Briere Rips into Hockey Canada Over World Juniors Investigation Delays

Published September 19, 2023 at 7:19 PM
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Daniel Briere is in his first season as the General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers. Throughout the offseason, he has been busy trying to improve his team. One big thing is still leaving a lot of uncertainty in Philadelphia's future plans.

2018 World Junior Team Investigation

The 2018 World Junior Team is still being investigated in their scandal after winning a gold medal. The players involved have not been announced after the NHL has said multiple times a resolution is close.

One such player is Carter Hart. Hart was on the 2018 World Junior Team and has been speculated by some to be involved. While none of this is confirmed it leaves NHL teams like the Flyers in a waiting state. If Hart or other NHL players are implicated they are likely to be immediately suspended which could create massive holes in NHL lineups.

Briere Rips Into Hockey Canada Over Delays In Their Investigation

The delays in the investigation have been frustrating for many people. Fans and media want to know who was implicated and see them held accountable. Now one General Manager has shared the same type of sentiments.

Briere on the pending Hockey Canada investigation:

"We've asked but we don't know much. We're not being told much. They're still investigating. I have no clue. I thought something would have been done by the summer.

We're like everybody else. We're waiting to see what happens."

Once the details and names are finally revealed some justice can be handed out. The players responsible can be removed from the NHL while the ones who are found to be not guilty can get back to their lives.

The NHL needs to make getting this done and done correctly a priority. If the season begins and the scandal is still hanging out there it will overshadow good players doing good things.

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Daniel Briere Rips into Hockey Canada Over World Juniors Investigation Delays

Will the NHL hand out suspensions once the investigation is complete?

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