Concerning Video Emerges and Things Don't Look Good for Connor Bedard

Published November 7, 2023 at 10h59
Connor Bedard's NHL career has only been going for a few months, and he has met expectations, but he hasn't exceeded them.

The offensive dynamo has been producing, but on the defensive side of the ice his performance has been concerning.

Connor Bedard's Offensive Performances Being Overshadowed by His Terrible Defensive Decision-Making

While +/- is a terrible statistic, it still shows how a player has been performing from a two-way standpoint. For Bedard, while he has seven points through his first 11 games in the league, has a -8. The Blackhawks are by no means a good team, but it isn't a stretch to say that Bedard has been crushed defensively.

A video of a particularly egregious defensive sequence has emerged, and it has fans worried.

Connor Bedard Proving to be a Defensive Liability for the Chicago Blackhawks

Bedard is certainly skilled, but he has the tendency to go hero-puck when he has possession. In this sequence, where he was trying to show off, he caused a brutal turnover. Instead of following his system and back-checking, he got way out of position.

What is Connor Bedard doing?
1. Awful turnover attempting to be fancy
2. The back check then leaves his assignment wide open in front of the net and he decides to skate around in a circle. As a Center, play center.

His Defense is a major issue that needs to be addressed..

How Can Connor Bedard Fix His Defensive Game?

Connor Bedard may only be 18, but he is already a #1 centre in the league. This is a daunting task, and he needs to be better. With these types of plays becoming too common in his game, it may be best for the Blackhawks to move him over to the wing. The centre is by definition the most important position defensively as a forward, and being on the wing would give him less pressure.

If he wants to be a true franchise centre in this league, rivalling players like Jack Hughes and Connor McDavid, he'll need to stop showing off and start doing his job.

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Concerning Video Emerges and Things Don't Look Good for Connor Bedard

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