Brind'Amour on Canes' Sweep by Panthers: 'We Did Not Get Swept'

Published May 25, 2023 at 9h42
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A Tight Series

Even though the Florida-Carolina series ended in four games, it may be one of the tightest matchups we've seen in this year's playoffs.

Every game could have ended differently, but the Panthers always got the upper hand. Here, the "upper hand" means scoring one more goal than the other team. That's what happened for four straight matchups.


This heartbreaking loss for the Canes won't be forgotten in the organization. Players, coaches, and managers will probably keep this defeat in their minds for a long time.

Brind'Amour Makes a Statement

After their fourth consecutive loss, head coach Rob Brind'Amour made an intriguing declaration, saying that they didn't get swept.

"That's the unfortunate part of this, (people are) going to look back and everyone's going to say you got swept. That's not what happened. I watched the game. I'm there. I'm cutting the game. We're in the could have been four games the other way."

It's true that the Canes were close to winning every night. But it doesn't matter because they lost. Defeat never tastes good, and this one may be among the worst for Carolina in recent years.

Here's the video of his post-game press conference:

As seen on Blade of Steel - Brind'Amour on Canes getting Swept by Panthers; 'That's not What Happened'
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Brind'Amour on Canes' Sweep by Panthers: 'We Did Not Get Swept'

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