Blockbuster Goalie Trade Expected This Weekend

Published September 15, 2023 at 1:18 PM
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A new rumour has emerged that Buffalo is looking to make a blockbuster trade this weekend and has eyes for these goalies.

Blockbuster Goalie Deal

According to insiders, serious rumours have emerged that the Buffalo Sabres are closing in on a blockbuster goalie deal that could go down this weekend.

"Sabres Closing in on a 'serious goalie' THIS Weekend. This is from a source... The names, I would imagine, are limited to likely Hellebuyck or Logan Thompson. Stay tuned"


Buffalo is in some trouble in the net, with their best prospect Devon Levi coming right from the NCAA. They could use some serious help and even would benefit from bringing in a grade-A starter.

Hellebuyck or Thompson?

Logan Thompson was instrumental in helping Vegas to its first-ever Stanley Cup, and it's unlikely that they will be willing to part with him despite having Adin Hill. With their already tight cap situation, the Knights are likely to stay put with what they have and try and run it back.


Hellebuyck, on the other hand, has been rumoured to be wanting out of Winnipeg for the entire summer. However, the Jets GM recently confirmed that he would be in Winnipeg for opening night in October. There is certainly potential that Buffalo has stepped up their offer and the Jets have changed their minds.

As seen on House of Hockey - "RUMOUR: Top Goalie to Get Traded This Weekend?"
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Blockbuster Goalie Trade Expected This Weekend

Who will end up in Buffalo?

Hellebuyck38632.1 %
Thompson18015 %
Other20216.8 %
None - No Trade43336 %