BREAKING: The verdict is in for Logan Mailloux's NHL future

Published September 11, 2023 at 9h07
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Logan Mailloux's NHL future has been revealed by Canadiens VP Jeff Gorton.

Gorton Confirms Mailloux's Fate

Insider Eric Engles just dropped some major news regarding Logan Mailloux. He reveals that Canadiens Executive Vice President Jeff Gorton has confirmed Mailloux's fate.

Jeff Gorton says Logan Mailloux should be clear to play if he makes the NHL. He'll still have to be officially cleared by Gary Bettman if he makes it. Gorton says it basically should be a formality based on a prior meeting with the league.

While he has yet to be officially cleared, Gorton believes it is all but a formality. We will now wait to see if Bettman does go through with letting Mailloux play or if there will be a major unforeseen twist.

Mailloux was initially selected with the 31st overall pick in the 2021 draft after asking every NHL team not to select him in the draft due to his prior actions. Mailloux has been working to change as a person after his prior actions landed him in some legal trouble.

If Bettman truly does believe that Mailloux is a reformed man, he will go through with allowing him to play.
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BREAKING: The verdict is in for Logan Mailloux's NHL future

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