BREAKING: Russia Fires Back At The IIHF With Recent Decision

Published September 1, 2023 at 12h58
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Russia and the IIHF have had a complicated relationship the past few years. Now the relationship has become even more strained after a recent decision by a KHL team.

Fedotov Plays For CKSA

Ivan Fedotov has been in the news cycle all summer. He originally signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and was planning to come to the NHL. He was then forced into military service for several months. At the completion of his military service he informed the Flyers he would be staying in Russia. This was a breach of contract and forced the IIHF to impose sanctions on the KHL and CSKA. Now it seems as though Fedotov and CSKA are ignoring the wishes of the IIHF.

With Fedotov starting in goal tonight a chain reaction of decisions affecting both Fedotov and Russia as a hockey nation is likely to be set off.

While there are no current sanctions that have been immediately enacted the IIHF is aware of the situation.

This will be a fascinating story to follow over the coming weeks. Russia is already banned from IIHF play due to the war in Ukraine. It will be interesting to see what the IIHF does to put their foot down and stop the Russian defiance.
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BREAKING: Russia Fires Back At The IIHF With Recent Decision

Will Ivan Fedotov be banned from international and NHL hockey?

Both Yes41051.7 %
International Only23329.4 %
NHL only14918.8 %