BREAKING: More Disturbing Details Emerge From Milan Lucic's Arrest

Published November 20, 2023 at 4:42 PM
Milan Lucic was arrested on Friday night for a domestic incident. Today we got several pieces of new information in the case.

Disturbing Details Emerge From Lucic's Arrest

Today new reports have been brought to light from police accounts of the night that Milan Lucic was arrested. Some of these details had trickled out over the past few days while others are entirely new.

Details: #NHLBruins Milan Lucic to be arraigned in Boston on one count of assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair.

Police reportedly observed a broken lamp and shards of glass.

The incident reportedly started over Milan's missing cell phone. After going out with his wife he had misplaced the phone. Reports indicate he blamed his wife for this and began to get hostile and aggressive.

«Operations relayed to the responding officers that the reporting party/victim called and stated that her husband attempted to choke her,» police wrote, according to the Globe. «The victim stated that her husband could not locate his cellphone after returning to their apartment after a night out. She stated that the suspect began yelling at her, demanding his phone back, believing she had hidden the phone. She stated that she did not have the phone or know where it was.»

Reports also indicate that the Lucic family was hosting a sleepover night for their children and some friends. There have not been reports if anyone other than Lucic's wife was involved in the incident.

As more information comes to light we will provide it to you. Lucic is set to be arraigned and learn his immediate fate sometime today.

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BREAKING: More Disturbing Details Emerge From Milan Lucic's Arrest

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