BREAKING: Joel Quenneville to Make NHL Comeback

Published September 8, 2023 at 9h41
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Joel Quenneville is officially making his return to the NHL!

Quenneville Comes Back


Eric Engels announced it this morning:

Just now, reputable insider and Sportsnet reporter Eric Engels dropped some major news regarding Joel Quenneville and his NHL return; he is at the big meeting that's happening right now in Chicago.

Here in Chicago, where NHL general managers and coaches are conducting a one-day meeting. Also in attendance are Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville, who will address the group at some point this morning.

Quenneville resigned from the NHL in 2021 when he was working with the Panthers. This came after Quenneville's implication in the Kyle Beach scandal was revealed.

Quenneville is a great coach; there's no doubting it. There are no open spots in the NHL right now, but Gary Bettman already gave his approval for him to come back.

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BREAKING: Joel Quenneville to Make NHL Comeback

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