Auston Matthews Weighs In On Where He'd Like the Leafs to Play In the Next Global Series

Published November 19, 2023 at 5:11 PM
As the Leafs continue their international road trip in Sweden for the NHL Global Series, Auston Matthews revealed where he'd like to see it go next.

Auston Matthews Wants The NHL To Travel to Mexico for the Next Global Series

The NHL's Global Series in Sweden has been a resounding success, with William Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs basking in the Swedish culture. The storyline of the success for William Nylander in his home country is almost unbelievable, and the media and fans are eating it up.


William Nylander puts an exclamation mark on his Swedish adventure with an end-to-end overtime winner. Wow.

Nylander has even appeared on the local talk shows as the Country welcomes him back with open arms.

did not have william nylander interacting with madison beer on a swedish talk show on my 2023 bingo card

With all the excitement around the Global Series, Auston Matthews has seen just how much fun Nylander is having, and likely wants an experience like that in the country his family is from. He recently revealed he would like the next global series to be in Mexico.

Auston Matthews asked where he would like to see the next Global Series: «I don't know. Maybe Mexico City. That would be fun. Go home for a bit.»

Matthews Is Proud of His Mexican Heritage

Matthews has been vocal about his pride in his Hispanic heritage. With not many hockey players with that background, Matthews has been proud to show where he is from.

Auston Matthews stays rooted in his Hispanic heritage growing up he would speak Spanish at home with his mom, Ema, a native of Hermosillo, Mexico. Matthews spent lots of time visiting family in Mexico throughout his childhood and hopes to see the game grow there.

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Auston Matthews Weighs In On Where He'd Like the Leafs to Play In the Next Global Series

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