Auston Matthews Fires Shot at Maple Leafs Fans

Published November 7, 2023 at 9h42
During last night's game, Auston Matthews had a celebration directed toward the fans in Toronto, and in his clarification after the game, he made a cheeky remark towards the fans.

Matthews Scores Nifty Goal and Directs His Celebration Toward the Crowd

The Leafs came out to another slow start in last night's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, going down 4-1 after scoring the first goal of the game. That was met with some more boos in the crowd as the first period ended.

This didn't deter Matthews and the Leafs, though, and added some fuel to the fire. After Matthews scored on a nifty feed from Matthew Knies, he celebrated with a motion to the crowd to get on their feet.



The Leafs ultimately were able to make the comeback, winning in overtime 6-5 against their seemingly new rivals the Lightning.

Matthews Makes Comment on Leaf Fans During Post Game Interview

After the game, Matthews clarified his intentions of his celebration of the goal, indicating that he didn't want Leaf fans to give up on the squad too early in the game.

"After the first, just the energy and the boo's and stuff and rightfully so, but I didn't want them to go to sleep quite yet."

Leaf fans have been vocal to start the year at home, and haven't held back their boos when they think the team isn't performing. Despite what they may think, and the season not going exactly as planned so far, the Leafs are sitting dead in the middle of the standings at 6-4-2, and are looking as if they will continue to improve.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - "Matthews comments on his crowd directed celebration"
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Auston Matthews Fires Shot at Maple Leafs Fans

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