Anaheim Ducks to Face Punishment After Publicly Calling Out NHL Refs

Published November 18, 2023 at 2:29 PM
The Anaheim Ducks aren't happy with what happened during last night's game and have taken to social media to voice their frustration with the officiating.

Ducks Score Game Tying Goal But It is Called No Goal

During the Ducks-Panthers game last night, the Ducks appeared to have tied the game at 2 after a nice wraparound attempt. The puck looked to have crossed the line before Panthers' goalie Sergei Bobrovski kicked it back out with his pad in a sprawling attempt at a save.

The Ducks thought the puck clearly had crossed the line, however, the video review did not overturn the no-goal call on the ice. The Ducks took to social media to voice their disagreement with a simple picture of the puck across the goal line.

They even threw some shade in another tweet about the score of the game.

Officials determined this was not a goal. We still trail 2-1.

Ducks' Head Coach Greg Cronin was astonished by the call and at a lack of words after the game when asked about it. He thinks that anyone who watched the video can come to an opinion about it.

"I think anyone that watched the replay can form their own opinion. I don't really know what to say."

🎥 Coach Cronin met with the media following our game.

NHL Public Relations Responds to the Seemingly Missed Call

The NHL's Public Relations team responded quickly to the matter, saying that there was not conclusive evidence to overturn the goal. This shows just how important it is for refs to get calls right the first time on the ice, as it is hard to get conclusive evidence to overturn a call.

There was no conclusive video evidence to show that Silfverberg's shot crossed the Florida goal line and thus, the call on the ice was upheld.

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Anaheim Ducks to Face Punishment After Publicly Calling Out NHL Refs

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