An Insane Detail From the John Carlson Injury as Been Revealed - Sensitive Souls Look Away!

Published January 10, 2023 at 8:25 PM
You likely already know the scary injury that occurred to Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson.

After being struck in the face by a slapshot, Carlson was sidelined with no updates for weeks. We now know that he will miss a minimum of three months, and will require facial reconstruction surgery.

Now, a new element of the injury has been revealed, and it's not for the faint of heart!

Per RMNB, Carlson had to have his ear reattached after the injury.




An emotional recount of the events by his wife explained the situation.

When they told me right away that you walked off the ice a couple weeks ago, and that was a good sign, it didn't make me feel any better bc I know it would take your legs not working for you to not get up.

With your ear back on 🙈, you came home from the hospital & did it all. When I woke up Christmas morning after being sick the whole night before, I laughed and cried at the same time when I realized as always, you made no short-cuts, literally not one after no sleep and hospitalized, homemade cookies for Santa, cooked an amazing dinner, all the kids presents perfectly arranged with their new hockey sticks positioned up against their motorcycle sleds, full stockings.

The moment the doctor said you could walk, you went out on a walk, then you were told you could ride the bike, and you were at the rink on the bike. I admire so much your dedication and work ethic even when it means I have to hang by myself when I try to bribe you to stay home with me 😘 Your strength doesn't even come close to your heart and the husband and dad you are.

Hopefully Carlson will rejoin his team in full form, but he will always have a scar to remember these crazy events by!
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An Insane Detail From the John Carlson Injury as Been Revealed - Sensitive Souls Look Away!

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